The technology behind DryBox and saving a wet phone in under 30 minutes was invented and developed in 2010. It was discovered that a wet phone could be saved if moisture was removed before a short or corrosion occurred. The key was developing a safe and effective way to rapidly remove all moisture.

The first DryBox Rescue was introduced in San Antonio, Texas in 2011. In the first few months it dried hundreds of phones with an over 50% success rate. (Success rates were much higher when phones were dried within 24 hours of getting wet.) Charging $20 and total of $40 if a phone was successfully revived, customers saw value in using the 30 minute drying service before paying hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

The proprietary technology has since dried thousands of wet phones and Dry Ventures, Inc. now produces two models for distribution.  The desktop model is designed for retail locations where a store employee performs the drying service for customers, while the self-service kiosk is a stand-alone model designed for shopping malls and grocery stores.

DryBox Rescue provides a quick and cost-effective resolution for a wet phone.  With the rapid expansion of locations in the near future, DryBox will soon be known for saving the growing number of wet phones.